About me

About Me


Hi! I’m Cathy, I’m the author behind escapesanddiaries.

I’m a 30-year-old, part online English teacher who loves traveling and beach bumming. I love writing about my travels, add up with stories and inspirations. Actually, I write anything under the sun!





I developed my love of writing diaries when I was a kid. Since then, I have been hooked on writing my thoughts down. As years went by, my purpose for writing has grown deeper, from scribbling mere thoughts to sharing stories about travel, love, relationships, and life in general. I write anything that interests me! 



I’ve started traveling a few years back, by then, I was only discovering places in the nearby town and provinces of my own country, The Philippines. And then I completely fell in love with not the only idea of traveling but also on how it changes and shapes me. I’ve been to several places in Asia, Africa, and Europe and I don’t plan to stop. I am married now with my German husband Chris, we’re based in Munich but since we’ve met, we’ve explored new places together and we enjoy doing it. I rarely travel alone now, but with my husband, it is more exciting and fun! Although my husband is not a travel blogger like me, so for most of our travels, I’m the only one writing about our journey and adventure. He takes incredible photos tho so I give him credit for that. 


Our favorite place so far, is Bangkok, Thailand. We loved the foods especially! Thai food is incredibly delicious! This place has captured our hearts and there’s plenty of things to do there, too. 


Anyhoo, I hope you enjoy reading my articles. 



Send me a message and let’s talk! Don’t forget to share any of my articles that interests you! Thank you!  ♡






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