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Personal Review : Alona Hammocks Hostel : Your Most Preferred Hostel in Alona Beach, Bohol

If you’re hitting the Beach of Alona in Bohol and have no idea where to stay, then you’ve found the right blog post! I recommend Alona Hammocks which is located on the end of Ester A. Lim Drive, Tawala in Panglao, Bohol. I tried it myself, so I know the experience. It’s completely accessible and easy to find, so you’re assured of convenience. If you’re coming from Tagbilaran and are renting a motorcycle, the driver knows exactly where to find it. Actually, it is located in a neighborhood of Amori Resorts.


Alona Hamocks hostel is pretty close to Alona beach which is only a 15- to 20- minute walk. Some of you may not be a fan of walking, but come on, you’ve traveled to savor every adventure along the way—even walking! The owner is a pure Filipina, Ms. Reneza, who is very hands-on when it comes to the guests’ needs. When I asked if they had a spare towel, as I forgot to bring one, she personally and willingly handed me a clean, fluffy towel. She manages the hostel on her own since it’s not that hard, she gleefully shares when I spoke with her. More surprisingly, she cooks and prepares the breakfast of the guests, changes the linens, cleans the bathrooms and does all other housekeeping stuff all by herself!



So these are my breakfast personally made by Ms. Reneza 🙂


On the left is Ms. Reneza, looking beautiful and charming with her black hair matched by her floral sleeveless blouse (forgive us for our bare face—we woke up like this! Haha).

Instead of bunk beds, a traditional woven mat is provided in a common sleeping area. It comes with a mosquito net. A hammock hangs over it which makes the experience all the more exciting! Imagine sleeping on a hammock overnight. Priceless! Isn’t it fun to experience sleeping in a room lined with colorful hammocks and traditional rattan? To be completely safe, don’t forget to bring insect repellent lotion, because the perimeter is lined with trees. Also, don’t be surprised if you’d be awaken by the ambient noise. Children from the neighborhood are playing around the area early in the morning. You’ll also hear the sound of ongoing construction works, but it’s completely fine. It doesn’t offer private rooms, but the good thing is you’ll get to interact with other travelers and make new friends. The toilet and bath is shared with other guests. There’s a common area where you can watch TV, play billiards, and chat with fellow travelers. You can also hangout at the mini bar which also serves as the hostel’s reception area. Water refill is free.



Photo taken from the second floor of the hostel

Overall, you get to experience the traditional Filipino way of sleeping—blanketed by a mosquito net on a woven mat laying on the bamboo floor. The accommodation comes with breakfast personally cooked and prepared by Ms. Reneza. Enjoy all these perks for only P250 a night!




Photo taken from the second floor of the hostel


My stay at Alona Hammocks reminds me of our home in the province. There are a few inevitable downsides like the mosquitoes, but the mosquito net and the electric fan are a big help. You can also ask Ms. Reneza about some tours such as island hopping, places to visit, Filipino foods to eat and any other recommendations. She’s very accommodating and friendly. If you also need a motorbike to stroll around the town, she also offers one for rent.


everything you need


the common area

So, basically, Alona Hammocks is your all-in-one go to accommodation. You’ll also love the interiors. All the decors that you’ll see are made from recycled materials like water bottles cut into lovely, colorful flowers adorning the walls. As regards her story, I can personally relate to her. Truly, every successful woman carries a heart that had been massively and repeatedly shattered. But it’s all in the past now. She is now a strong-willed happy woman. Overall, my stay at Alona Hammocks Hostel was great. It’s a hostel I can call home away from home, special thanks to Ms. Reneza.

What are you waiting for? Book your stay now!


Follow my adventures in Bohol by staying tuned to my posts, because I assure you, there are more to come!




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