Cherry blossoms in Munich - why we fall with symbolic spring flower
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Cherry blossoms in Munich – where do we spot them

Spring has arrived, and so do the bloom of the Cherry blossoms in Munich! Though Ian excellent had a good opportunity to get up close to Cherry blossoms until I’ve been to one in Munich this morning, I instantly fell in love with this symbolic spring flower. Gorgeous, incredibly beautiful- something about this symbolic spring flower makes us fall in love.

Updated 2023

Cherry blossoms in Munich – where and how do we find them

It was my first time seeing the cherry blossoms in Munich because it was my first real spring experience, and I was quite overwhelmed by how beautiful these spring flowers were.

That being said, if it’s also your first time and has no idea where to find cherry blossoms when visiting or living in Munich, here is one significant place to remember- Olympiapark. The park is huge, and the cherry blossoms are scattered on the hills.

Olympiapark is a family, couple, solo, and pet-friendly park.

Gladly, it’s only a 10-minute ride by bike from our home, Feldmoching.

Cherry blossoms in Munich - why we fall with symbolic spring flower2

How to get to Olympiapark

The public transportation and roads in Munich, in general, are very convenient. Similarly, you can take plenty of U Bahns and buses to get to Olympiapark to see the cherry blossoms.

One option is, If you’re coming from the main Hauptbahnhof, you can take U-Bahn U2, change, get off at Scheidplatz and take U3 and then get off at Olympiazentrum, and walk around 6 minutes to Olympiapark.

The best is to take the U3 to Moosach and then get off Olympiazentrum. From there, you can also go 6 minutes and 6 minutes to Olympiapark.

The third one is taking the bus 173 to Peteulring if you’re coming from Feldmoching. Stop at Olympiaeistadium, and beside it is the Olympiapark already.

All allow you to pass by and probably visit BMW world and Museum.

During Spring, it’s hard to miss the cherry blossoms at Olympiapark as it’s overwhelmingly crowded yet inviting.

Note that Olympia-einkaufzentrum, Olympiapark, and Olympiaeistadium are different from each other.

Weather in April in Munich

Consequently, April is relatively cold, which could feel like winter. In the mornings, it’s around 3-5 degrees and extremely fresh. Hence, make sure you are still warm enough. In the daytime, it could reach up to 15 degrees. So, if you’re not used to this type of weather like my mum and sister, you could feel chilly. No kidding.

Also, in 2022, there was still snow, surprisingly. Resulting to the cherry blossoms covered with it, it was still beautiful, though!

Cherry blossoms covered with snow2
Cherry blossoms covered with snow in April 2022
Cherry blossoms covered with snow1
Beautiful cherry blossoms in snow

When’s the best time to see the Cherry blossoms

Early morning is the best time to see the Cherry blossoms. They look incredibly stunning and vibrant, especially when the sun slowly rises.

When we got to the Olympiapark at this time, though, I thought we were the only ones excited to get up close and photograph the Cherry blossoms. It turned out I was wrong. There were already several people. But then, of course, it didn’t matter. We took countless photos and enjoyed the fresh breeze in the early morning. 

If you don’t feel like getting up early, you can also visit during day time. Bring your picnic blanket, snacks, and drinks, and have a fun picnic under the beautiful cherry blossoms in Olmpiapark, Munich. Staying there is free of charge, don’t worry. Just remember to pick up and take your trash with you.

Cherry blossoms in Munich - why we fall with symbolic spring flower5
So beautiful cherry blossoms

Important and fun facts about the Cherry blossoms

According to the NPS.Gov, the planting of cherry trees in Washington, DC, originated in 1912 as a gift of friendship to the People of the United States from the People of Japan.

The cherry blossoms are weather dependent; hence, their bloom lasts around two weeks to one month between April to May. In 2022, they were a bit early to show up. Some places already had flowers in late March, while the ones at Olympiapark lasted until the end of April.

The cherry blossom petals are edible. Taste like a real cherry; they taste sweet, sour, and fruity and are used in Japanese sweets and teas.

Cherry blossoms can be found in Munich or a famous place- in Japan. They bloom in different parts of the world, like Toronto, Vancouver, and many others.

In Japan, there’s a ” Hanami ” party, a flower-viewing party celebrating the flower cycle of life, renewal, and Spring.

The Cherry blossoms are a national flower of Japan, a traditional sign of Spring, and Japanese people immensely celebrate this charming flower’s blooming by having a picnic under the trees.

Cherry blossoms in Munich - why we fall with symbolic spring flower4
Cherry blossoms early in the morning

Cherry blossoms in German words

While Cherry blossoms are the most common term in the world, in Germany, we say Kirschblütte. My husband frequently reminds me of the word as we live in Germany. I make an excuse that ” well, Honey, I can also call it Sakura.” 

In Japan, the flowering cherry tree, known as “Sakura,” is a vital flowering plant. For Japanese people, the cherry blossom is a symbol that plays a significant meaning in Japanese culture.

Having taught English online to Japanese people for almost seven years, I associated myself with their exciting culture, such as the Cherry blossoms. I have had my favorite Japanese people like Hiroko san and Yosuke san, who used to tell me and send me photos that the Cherry blossoms are heavenly and that they constantly wished me that someday, I’d get to see one finally. Moving to Munich, that dream and wish of getting close to Cherry blossoms came true.

Meanwhile, the Germans also love and deeply admire this flower. In Munich alone, especially in cooperating weather, people from all corners have a glimpse and take advantage of the Cherry blossoms. This is why, as one living in this city and having the privileged to set eyes on the Cherry blossoms, I didn’t let the rare opportunity slide. 

Cherry blossoms in Munich - why we fall with symbolic spring flower3

Personal thoughts about Cherry blossoms in Munich

Now I understand why people from all over the world are fond of this symbolic flower of Spring. It’s because it’s stunning, but I’m in love with it like many others. The cherry blossoms make people happy, merry, and joyful. Ultimately, I’m overjoyed that I had an excellent opportunity to get close to the ultimate symbolic flower of the Spring after some time. 

The Cherry Blossoms in Munich instantly made me fall in love with, and for sure, all the Cherry blossoms I would yet to see bloom.

Above all, getting up as early as a rooster was worth it. Thanks to my husband, who helped me cross one of my bucket lists. 

Where to stay to see the cherry blossoms in Munich

There are hundreds of lovely accommodations in Munich, and choosing one is hard. But I may suggest a few hotels for you to stay at. For example, Abasto hotel– my mum and sister stayed here on their first days in Munich. And it’s comfortable and affordable. Check it out on Booking. com– it’s one of the most convenient platforms to check your accommodation.


Cherry blossoms in Munich and friendly tips

If you want to enjoy solo the cherry blossoms in OlympiaPark Munich fully, make your way to it as early as possible. Like, I mean before the crack of dawn. Not only you’ll be fascinated with the shades of the surroundings, but ultimately, you’ll get to take advantage of it without too much crowd.

On the other hand, you can also enjoy and share a picnic under the cherry blossom trees like the usual Spring routine of many. 

How about you? Have you been to see the cherry blossoms in Munich? Or somewhere else? How was your experience? Please share it with me below!! 


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