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Your quick guide in Puerto Galera

Puerto Galera is a big island. If you are traveling there for the first time and want some cozy private time, this is your quick guide in Puerto Galera that can help you save precious time!

Getting there

  • From Buendia, Manila to Batangas Port

Take Ceres, DLTB, or Jac Liner bus. One-way fare ranges from PHP167 to PHP187. Travel time is 1.5-2 hours, depending on traffic. Last time we took it, it took us only 1.5 hours—no stopover.

  • From Batangas Port to any destination like Sabang or Muelle

We went to Muelle since our Airbnb was located there. Motorbikes are available for rent. You can also hire tricycles to take you to your destination.

  • Boat fare, Minolo Shipping Lines: PHP350 per person plus PHP30 terminal fee each
  • Upon arriving at Muelle Port, we had to pay the environmental fee amounting to PHP50 for both local and foreign tourists.

Going around the town

Taking a tricycle, or renting a motorbike makes going around town convenient, depending on where your Airbnb or hotel is located.

*Motorbike rent: PHP400-600 for 24 hours with 2 helmets. You need to sign a written agreement when renting a motorbike.

ATMs, supermarkets, and other establishments are in the town of Sabang or Muelle.

Although I have been to Puerto Galera thrice already, I consider my third visit as the best experience. It was a more private setup, and I had the chance to unwind with my partner Chris. On top of that, I loved the serene and unspoiled beaches of Puerto Galera.

So, here are the things we did that you could do, too!

📍Swim, sunbathe or just chill at Bulabod beach

If privacy is your main concern, then Bulabod beach is ideal for you. You can reach Bulabod beach via a 15- to 20-minute ride from the Driftwood cottage. However, if you’re coming from Sabang or White Beach, it will probably take about 1-1.5 hours by motorbike. Bulabod beach was literally empty, and we had it to ourselves during our stay. The water is nice and clean for swimming and sends you, of course, a sense of tranquillity.

📍 Buy fresh coconuts from the locals

As soon as we arrived at Bulabod beach, 3 women approached us and offered a massage, but we’re not fond of that. We, instead, asked them if they sell coconuts, and voila! They got us fresh coconuts from the tree for only PHP50! Who doesn’t love fresh coconuts? Well, I can’t get enough of it!

📍 Eat breakfast at Captain’s Greg’s

Captain Greg’s restaurant is located on Sabang beach and also had a perfect view while having breakfast. It’s an hour’s drive from Dulangan, where we stayed. I had pancakes, and Chris had a fried tuna roll. It was actually my third time there. Captain Greg also offers room accommodation.

Puerto Galera has plenty of awesome things to do. Isn’t it? What’s more?

 📍 Sunbathe at La Laguna Beach

La Laguna Beach is located along the long stretch of Sabang beach, known for divers and snorkelers. But there’s also a spot for sunbathing. Ask a local to show you where the spot is because it’s actually hidden. You have to walk a little farther away from the area because it’s hiding behind a hill.

But, it’s worth te walk.

Takaway a pizza or dine in at Robby’s Cafeteria

According to most reviews we read, Robby’s Cafeteria is one of the most popular pizza restaurants in Puerto Galera. Therefore, we wanted to try it ourselves. Well, it didn’t disappoint. We ordered seafood and salami pizza for taking away. Dining in is also a good option. The prices are reasonable.

or go local a try Burp Station 

Fond of local foods? Try Burp Station- a small restaurant that offered very affordable Filipino dishes such as Lomi or Pancit. It’s in Dulangan. Actually close to The Driftwood Cottage, our Airbnb during our stay. I loved the Lomi pancit here while Chris enjoyed the iced cold San Mig Light!

Go on a day tour

Snorkeling, island hopping, and other activities are available in Puerto Galera. It would be best if you talked to the locals. But nope. We didn’t go on a tour, as we wanted to have a relaxed experience.

Watch the sunset on the White Beach

I feel guilty for not taking Chris to White beach. But I was not too fond of the crowd, so we avoided the area. It was the last destination that we visited to try to catch the sunset.

Lastly, where to stay?

Take the last photo as your bonus reference on the way back to Manila! 

Thanks for reading!  I hope you find this quick guide to Puerto Galera. And if it did, I’d appreciate any form of love!


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Born, raised, and forever loyal to the Philippines. Catherine is a teacher who writes and a writer who teaches. She writes every day. She's in love with Africa, beaches, and books. Her favorite books are " There Is No Me Without you, One woman's Odyssey to Rescue African's children, and "Three Cups of Tea: One Man's Mission to Promote Peace. One School at a Time". And her ultimate dream destinations are Madagascar and Hawaii. Check out more of her stories on her blog.


  • Lisa Rivera

    This looks like a fun little getaway! I like the sound of Burp Station! I’m guessing that’s the effect after eating there?! Those coconuts look delicious too!

  • Sarah Jane Wilson

    This looks a great place to visit, can’t believe you said no to a massage, but I agree to fresh coconuts! That’s one of the best parts of SE Asia.

  • Annick Lenoir-Peek

    Puerto Galera is a perfect weekend getaway. I kind of like that the sunbathing spot on La Laguna Beach is hard to find. I’m not a fan of overcrowded places either, so I can understand skipping White Beach. I never thought of asking for coconuts when someone offers a massage – I’ll try that next time.

  • Kavita

    Thanks for the handy guide, with practical information and your recommendations for how to find some uncrowded places. The beach at Bulobod looks lovely and remote.

  • Neha T

    I have not been to Manila yet the the pictures from beaches keeps calling me . I didnt know about this Island but now I will plan my trip from Manila to Batangas Port and reach here. It looks serene and not crowded at all.

  • Parnashree Devi

    I am sold on Bulabod beach. I love private beach where you can be carefree without worrying much about chaos and crowd. Thanks for sharing it. I loved the accommodation option as well. Loved reading about it

  • escapesanddiaries

    hahaha yea, that was a fun one because my partner just randomly asked if the locals have coconuts. Given the fact that Puerto Galera is surrounded by palms! Luckily, they got one for us and so fresh! I hope you try, next time!

  • Leah Walker

    Puerto Galera looks lovely! I’ve never heard of the island previously. Burp Station is a funny name for a restaurant, but I bet the food is delicious!

  • Tamara Wilcox

    Really? There’s a restaurant called Burp Station? That is hilarious! I, too, would have rather had coconuts than a massage on the beach.

  • Carissa

    The fact that the expenses are cheap but the beach and food looks amazing, makes Puerto Galera an ideal place to just relax and unwind! I always hear nice things about Puerto Galera from my friends and now I can’t wait to finally be there this time! Thanks for sharing this!

  • Sara (Belly Rumbles)

    I do love the privacy that Bulabod beach provides. Nearly empty is the way a beach should be! And hello fresh coconuts, how perfect for a beach relax.

  • Kristel Valino

    Captain Greg’s must serve great breakfast since you’ve visited a few times. Will try their food next time I find myself in Puerto Galera. Thanks for the detailed guide, definitely helpful for firt time visitors in Puerto Galera <3

  • Lisa

    Bulabod Beach is top of my list! Any beach really, haha! So The Driftwood Cottage would be the prefect accommodation for me! Thanks for this post.

  • Buddy The Traveling Monkey

    I’d never heard of Puerto Galera, but it looks really nice! I’m glad you included more secluded beaches in your guide because I would like to avoid crowds when I visit as well. And I’m definitely trying Robby’s Cafeteria. I always try and get pizza wherever I visit. 🙂

  • Nisha

    This is a kind of island I always wanted for myself! I am regular in Manila, keep visiting it but didn’t know there’s a lovely island so near to it! Puerto Galera has everything that one can dream of going into relaxing mode. And I love coconuts too. 🙂

  • Melody Pittman

    The Phillippines look so amazing! I’ve never traveled anywhere exotic like that…yet. 😉 The beaches would be the big draw for me.

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