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The Selah Garden Hotel—your laid-back boutique hotel amidst the busy city

If you’re looking for a nice and laid back hotel in Pasay then The Selah Garden Hotel is the right one for you!

I’m fond of staycations at hotels around the metro that’s why when Marge invited me and my blogger friends to a garden hotel in Pasay, I didn’t think twice.

I thought it would be just-another-hotel-experience. Little did I know that it has something that I haven’t seen and experienced before.


The Selah Garden Hotel Pasay2- escapesanddiaries

Expectation vs. Reality

My expectations about most hotels are generic and average. As long as the hotel has comfortable rooms, delicious food, and good service, I’m okay with it. But upon arriving at The Selah Garden Hotel, I was quite surprised. Never mind the inconvenience I experienced on my way to the location. Marge, Chiki and Jerny were sitting on a rattan chair by the pool, waiting for us while digging in the welcome food and drinks.The reality was beyond my expectations—it was a full-package staycation!


Why and How?

Let’s get started with the staff. They are all accommodating and friendly. Although most of them are male, they made sure they attended to all of our needs.

The Selah Garden Hotel offers single room, twin-bed room, like the room given to me and my friend, Pancake.

The Selah Garden Hotel Pasay3- escapesanddiaries

We went on a tour around the hotel and checked out other posh rooms that offer relaxation. Welcome drinks sit waiting to greet the guests.

Each room has an air-conditioning unit, complimentary WiFi access, a safety deposit box, TV with cable, complimentary bottled water, hot and cold shower, and refrigerator. The hotel has 24-hour room service. Guests can also request for laundry service.



Not only will the hotel provide you with a comfortable stay. They will also make sure that you will have a cool experience. And when I say cool, they will really keep you cool. The hotel has an infinity pool located at the center of it.

The Selah Garden Hotel Pasay14- escapesanddiaries

They also offer spa services to ensure that you will feel rejuvenated. Unfortunately, their spa was unavailable during out stay, as they were still looking for a new staff.



What Else?
It was a first for me to go to a hotel that offers scuba diving certification. We were given the chance to try basic course on scuba diving in the swimming which is 10 ft. high.

Scuba Diver Instructor Eric Yee
We’re really paying fully attention 🙂

Yep. These are my friends and our super kind and skillful instructor Christopher. They’re ready! Excited smile, guys!

Indoor activities

For those who are looking for a physical activity, wall climbing is perfect for you!

The Selah Garden Hotel Pasay6- escapesanddiaries
Yep, this is us, enjoying the amenities!

Aside from wall climbing, other indoor activities you can enjoy are zip line (which I tried for the first time), crossing the hanging bridge, and rappelling. All of these are safe for everyone, so even children can have fun. They have complete gears and equipment to ensure guests’ safety. Personnel are also hands-on. They even took photos our photos while enjoying the activities.


The 83-room boutique hotel is both pocket- and eco-friendly. The Selah Garden Hotel has small plants inside. It also has wood accents in the interior. All areas are clean and well-maintained.

The Selah Garden Hotel Pasay10 - escapesanddiaries


Rooms and Rates :

Flagship room –                            Double Occupancy –                     Php 3,200
Flagship room –                            Triple Occupancy –                       Php 3,650
Cozy  room ——                             Double Occupancy –                    Php 3,650
Fantastic Loft –                              4-5 pax                  –                        Php 5,100
Fantabulous Loft –                        7 pax                                               Php 6,700
Fabulous Suite                               5-6 pax                                           Php 5,900
Stellar Suite                                   10 pax                                              Php 13,000
Bunk Room                                    4,6,8 pax                                        Php 750/pax
Clique Room                                     10 pax                                          Php  750/pax

The Clique Room and Bunk Room are recommended for groups. And I’d pick the Stellar Room for team building.

The Selah Garden Hotel Pasay13 - escapesanddiaries

The Selah Garden Hotel Pasay13 - escapesanddiaries


Or if you need your own time, The Selah Garden Hotel also has a huge space to do your work and spend me-time on your computer.

The Selah Garden Hotel Pasay9 - escapesanddiaries


Bonus experience

It was indeed special for me to spend time and chat with the hotel managers themselves over a sumptuous dinner. All the people that night were so nice that we even got the chance to get to know one another. We talked about a wide range of topics—from blogging, hotels, and travel, to personal experiences that we laughed about out loud.


The Selah Garden Hotel Pasay7- escapesanddiaries
We’re family! We’re so hungry that our plates here have gone empty in less than 20 minutes!


The Selah Garden Hotel Pasay5- escapesanddiaries
We instantly gained weight! 😀

It was a well spent night at The Selah Garden Hotel.


Room Photos

The Selah Garden Hotel Pasay11 - escapesanddiaries

The Selah Garden Hotel Pasay12 - escapesanddiaries

Each accommodation also comes with free breakfast.

The Selah Garden Hotel Pasay16 - escapesanddiaries

The Selah Garden Hotel Pasay15 - escapesanddiaries

Don’t these photos convince you enough that The Selah Garden Hotel is the best place for you to take your family and friends to?


Over-all experience and verdict

It was a fun and incredible experience. The accommodation, amenities, and food were great! Thank you to the accommodating staff who attended to all our needs. They are all polite and they know exactly what to do. They reminded me of five-star hotels I stayed in before. A hundred thanks to my friends whom I spent this wonderful time with!


The Selah Garden is such a beautiful boutique hotel and I really liked it. Next time, I’ll take my family here. My mom and my brother and the rest of the members of my family. Thank you, The Selah Garden Hotel!

The Selah Garden Hotel Pasay14 - escapesanddiaries

Kudos to all my blogger friends, Marge of Coffeehan, Jon of JonToTheWorld,  Mary Jane Pancake of  TravelHistoryCulture, Jerny of TheJernyTravelAndInspiration and Chiki, TuristaBoy

And a deep gratitude to Ms. Che, The Manager and Ms. Thea, The Assistant Manager of The Selah Garden Hotel.

To know more about The Selah Garden Hotel, please visit their website at The Selah Garden Hotel or visit their facebook page The Selah Garden Hotel.


The Selah Garden Hotel is located along EDSA and Macapagal Ave. in Pasay City, approximately 10 minutes from the airport. If you’re coming Makati City, it will take you 15-30 minutes including traffic. For your convenience, go to the hotel via Uber, or Grab, as drivers know a lot of shortcuts. 2715 Park Avenue Street, San Rafael, Pasay City


Credit to Chiki, my dear blogger friend, for all the photos.

Although it was a sponsored stay, everything that’s written here are based on my own experience.

Watch out for my ext article and review about the Basic Scuba diving experience on a swimming pool!

Thanks! You’re awesome! ♡


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