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Escapesanddiaries- One Story at a time

Escapesanddiaries travel and lifestyle blog by Catherine

Welcome to escapesanddiaries travel and lifestyle blog. I’m originally from the Philippines and now living in Munich, Germany. In this blog, you’ll find all my writings about love and life relationships, travels and adventures, and most of all, useful information about moving and living in Germany.

You can also check my camping blog at Die Kaisers on a Camper.

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What I love and what I do

I love going on trips around the world, discovering places, camping, relaxing in nature, eating my favorite Asian foods, drinking freshly made tea, cooking, baking, reading, writing, and actually many more. And never forget to write it all down here, on my escapesanddiaries travel and lifestyle blog.

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A letter to my Father in Heaven. Dear Papa, it's been years

A letter to my Father in heaven

I’m always enthusiastic about narrating how you bought me a Barbie doll to buy at a local market behind our small home space. And my unforgettable vacation with you in Manila. The good old days. You were such a great loving father.

Looking back, it feels 

Filipino spouse visa to Germany- your complete guide to FRV

Spouse visa to Germany- how to get it as a Filipino

When I applied for my Filipino spouse to Germany back in 2019, the process I think as of this writing (2022) is relatively the same. However, some things have changed due to the pandemic. Nevertheless, I will walk you through everything I know, experienced, read and research. 

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When I was about to enter the airport for check-in to my flight to Germany on November 2, 2019, my mother, almost the same height as me, gave me a massive bear hug. The most robust embrace she’d ever given me, and with tears almost streamed on her cheeks, she said,” I hope Germany will treat you well, and you’ll have many reasons to love living; there.” I told her I would be alright and I’d give her a call once I was settled down.

Life in Munich
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Escapes Diaries

One week later, and still having my jetlag, mom has had the recycled questions making sure I loved my life (here); she asked me, ” How’s it for you there?“. Well, besides the gloomy and cold weather, so far, so good. Later, when I started a job and met new acquaintances, I’ve also got the same questions, “how or what do you like about living in Germany? 

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