Getting totally pampered on Christmas Day at Le Meridien Suvarnabhumi, Bangkok Golf Resort and Spa

For a number of reasons, Le Meridien Suvarnabhumi Bangkok Golf Resort and Spa is, by far, my most favorite luxury resort. Of course, I’ll tell you why.


A big van limousine picked me up from the airport. The driver showed an impressive attitude, which made me smile. He made sure I was alright and handed me a wet towel for freshening up and a bottle of drinking water.

It took a while before we left the airport. He, as well as the manager, kept apologizing for the delay. Another guest was supposed to be picked up, but she didn’t arrive.

Apparently, the heartwarming service that the driver showed me was just the tip of the iceberg. As soon as I got off the van at the hotel, someone took my luggage right away without being told and escorted me toward the reception. The receptionist was welcoming. She also offered me a membership to SPG. I accepted the offer. Afterward, she led me to my room.

Le Meridien Suvarnabhumi Bangkok Golf Resort and Spa has two majestic wooden doors that automatically open. As do other grand hotels I stayed at before, Le Meridien gives utmost importance to comfort and luxury.

Getting totally pampered on Christmas Day at Le Meridien Suvarnabhumi Golf Resort and Spa6

My luxurious room was equipped with a fancy bathroom with a tub, thick towels, a large TV screen mounted on the wall, and a balcony overlooking the golf course. Room service was superb and customer service was open for 24 hours!


I spent most of my time in three areas of the glorious hotel: the swimming pool, where I lingered mostly at the cabana that’s equipped with charging station, the Latitude 13°39′: A Transformative Bar / the coffee shop and in my room. 


The pool—an infinity pool—gives a refreshing view of the golf course where you can also watch people playing. The fairways and the vast greens were calming to the eyes.

The pool also has a jacuzzi, although, I’d have to warn you, the water is pretty cold even though the sun is scorching hot!

My accommodation came with a sumptuous breakfast buffet. Le Meridien Suvarnabhumi Bangkok Golf Resort and Spa’s Recipe restaurant has a great selection of delightful treats.

As I was feeling sick those days, it was good to have a bowl of hot noodle soup for my stomach, plus a banana and strawberry smoothie and the muesli yogurt that kept me stuffed all day!

Getting totally pampered on Christmas Day at Le Meridien Suvarnabhumi Golf Resort and Spa4


Latitude 13°39′: A Transformative Bar (the coffee shop)

I love how chill and cozy Latitude 13°39′ is. Its description—a transformative bar—is apt. I love Le Meridien Suvarnabhumi Bangkok Golf Resort and Spa’s generosity. They also gifted me a voucher for two cups of coffee which I ordered on my first and second day. I got latte and cappuccino. Unfortunately, they didn’t have my all-time favorite, caramel macchiato.

Getting totally pampered on Christmas Day at Le Meridien Suvarnabhumi Golf Resort and Spa2


Lastly, my room #631

My room was so cozy and comfortable I almost never wanted to get up! On my third day, I got up late because of the softness of the bed and the pillows, and the alluring scent and coziness that were pulling me back.

Getting totally pampered on Christmas Day at Le Meridien Suvarnabhumi Golf Resort and Spa5

Furthermore, I had my romantic solo dinner at Favola Restaurant on Christmas Eve, one of the purposes of this Christmas vacation (posting about it soon).


What I loved the most

I loved and appreciated the kindness, effort, and hospitality of each staff of Le Meridien Suvarnabhumi Bangkok Golf Resort and Spa. All of them gave me extra special service that went above my expectations. Everyone was incredibly polite and responsive to my needs.  For instance, being solo, I needed someone to take my photo. The staff by the pool was keen in doubling as my photographer. And he gladly followed my instructions on how I wanted the photos to look.

He even joked, “Oh, I thought you’re Thai.  Filipino, same same as Thai. My name is James, it’s my English name because Thai name is difficult to pronounce.”


I can’t thank enough the staff who willingly offered me her personal sanitary pads when my period came and to the one who volunteered to go to the city to buy me a pack.


Sometimes, it’s not just the place, but the people who give us comfort at its finest and treat us immensely well more than they’re required to do. I know it’s their job to keep the guests happy but what Le Meridien Suvarnabhumi, Bangkok Golf Resort and Spa did was way beyond their obligation and I was super stoked by it. I have never had such a very pleasant feeling over a place like Le Meridien.


It was my first time to celebrate Christmas without my family, but Le Meridien Golf Resort and Spa made me feel at home.

I give five stars to the team of Le Meridien Suvarnabhumi Golf Resort and Spa Kudos to you all!

Le Méridien Suvarnabhumi, Bangkok Golf Resort & Spa is the epitome of a place that captures my heart. I almost didn’t want to leave! But I’m sure that I’ll be back again, this time, with my partner Christoph.

One suggestion though: it would be great if free drinking water is offered in the pool area for when guests are sunbathing.

Where is Le Meridien Suvarnabhumi, Bangkok Golf Resort and Spa?

Le Meridien Suvarnabhumi, Bangkok Golf Resort and Spa has located 15 min away from the major airport of Bangko, Suvarnabhumi. You can avail of the free shuttle service through reservation. Just send an email and an efficient staff will get back to you quickly!

To book an accommodation at Le Meridien,  click here.

  Address789 Moo 14, Bangna-Trad Road, Km 10.5, Bangpleeyai, Bangplee, Bangpleeyai, Mueang Samut Prakan District, Samut Prakan 10540


Of course, a mighty and genuine thanks to my dear partner Christoph Kaiser for such a lovely Christmas present! I love you! 


How about you? Have you been here? How was your stay? Have you had a remarkable experience too? Share me yours in the comment below!


                                   Thanks for reading! ♡

Disclaimer: This is not sponsored post; just an honest review.

Born, raised, and forever loyal to the Philippines. Catherine is a teacher and a BA in Mass Communication graduate who loves anything child-friendly. She loves writing in her diary every day and is in love with beaches, books, Safari, and Tokyo. Her ultimate dream destinations are Madagascar, Mongolia, and Hawaii. Check out her van camping adventures in Europe at


  • Anuradha Goyal

    I remember visiting Bangkok long time ago and getting a similar Limo pick up. Thailand knows hospitality very well. You are right it is the people who make the difference to your experience, everything else can be replicated but not the human touch. How lovely of someone to get you the sanitary napkins you needed.

  • Siddhartha Joshi

    The infinity pool was my favorite 🙂

    I have stayed at a few Le Meridien properties and they have always impressed me with their hospitality, and the one in Bangkok looks no different. Great service, food, rooms and location – all make it a perfect holiday location 🙂

    p.s. I would love to get a limo pick-up too someday!

  • Daniels Beitss

    Now that is sure one place I would go to in Bangkok for a good old pampering. Reading this post and seeing your photos really want us to get out there and experience this.

  • Mikkel Paige Mihlrad

    We stayed at the Sheridan in Bangkok so it’s fun to see some other Starwood properties. Aren’t their beds the best? And I agree – a great tub to soak in at the end of a travel day is the best!

  • Lauren

    What incredible service! It looks like they care about your comfort down to every last detail. The room looks super luxurious, and I love that there’s an infinity pool there. Getting pampered like this on Christmas Day is the dream!

  • Anne Slater-Brooks

    Sounds like they went above and beyond the call of duty. Looks like a lovely escape from the city centre but I genuinely cannot imagine spending christmas alone. sounds like you weathered it well though. Happy New Year

  • Katherine Beveridge

    This sounds like a lovely experience. I’m sorry that you had to be away from your friends and family at Christmas, but it sounds like you were well cared for and had a lovely time anyway.

  • Indrani

    Aha… princess treatment! I can see you enjoyed every bit of it. 🙂
    The room looks super cosy, I too could have never left this room. Forget travel.

  • Travel with Mei and Kerstin

    We’ve heard all kinds of good stuff about Le Méridien hotels in Thailand. This one certainly looks nice and comfortable, with great service too (I mean the staff even offered you her sanitary pad, how crazy is that?!). But we’re really sorry for you that you had to spend Christmas all alone by yourself! 🙁 But then, you weren’t completely alone, there was James! haha…

  • Exploration Junkie

    I have yet to experience a limo pick up, must be awesome! That swimming pool is amazing, but it’s true that what really makes us have a great time is the service, and it seems that in this hotel they really know how to welcome guests! A good suggestion for a stay in Bangkok thanks for sharing!

  • Kerri McConnel

    Le meridian has such a strong brand reputation so it doesn’t surprise me that this hotel lived up to expectations. I’m always a bit of a softie for infinity pools and the food is always important for me. Being pampered certainly seemed to be the order of the day here and what a treat to have it on Xmas day.

  • Rhonda Albom

    An infinity pool, a jacuzzi, great coffee, wonderful food and being pampered, sounds like paradise, and Le Meridian looks like it too. Sorry to hear you were feeling sick, but the food looks pretty good.

  • Medha Verma Bector

    You go girl! It’s always good to pamper yourself once in a while. Love that infinity pool and you look amazing too x

  • Carol

    Le Meridien Suvarnabhumi, Bangkok Golf Resort and Spa is such an ideal resort. You are so lucky to have experienced all that luxury and being pampered with infinity pool, best coffee, great food. I am envious!

  • Claire

    This sounds like a fabulous place to stay, I think i’d spend most of my time in the pool after enjoying that delicious breakfast! Service is so important to a stay, it’s great that all of the staff are equally committed to providing excellent service!

  • Paige Brown

    This definitely looks like a day of being perfectly pampered! I was just in Bangkok a few weeks ago, but I didn’t stay here! It looks like paradise! This would be an amazing spot for an anniversary or birthday – I’ll have to drop a hint to my husband 😉

  • megan_claire

    I love that the incredible service started from before you even arrived. Le Meridien Suvarnabhumi Bangkok Golf Resort and Spa sounds incredible – and I agree that it’s the staff who make an experience stand out from any other hotel. It sounds like a wonderful Christmas, I will be sure to stay here when we visit Bangkok knowing that it’s people are some of the kindest and most welcoming around.

  • Kate-Frankie Brennan

    This is way more luxury than I usually do on trips but it looks lovely. I think for me it would be the hospitality and service that would make me feel pampered as well as the surroundings. I do love a good infinity pool or Jacuzzi when I get the chance! What a treat for Christmas

  • Vyjay Rao

    Le Meridien Suvarnabhumi Golf Resort and Spa indeed looks like a complete indulgence for the senses. Love the fact that the service is personalized. I have stayed in some other Le Meridien properties and have always found them to be of impeccable standards. This place looks great to have some really rejuvenating and relaxing time in the midst of luxury.

  • travellingslacker

    It is a great property. Surely it is a great way to enjoy the holiday season. The infinity pool is something any would kill for!

  • Nisha

    Looks like this resort cum spa is the last word in Luxury. It is also amazing to see that you had the pool t yourself 🙂 Le Meridien surely knows how to treat their guests and has created a perfect place to unwind.

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