Philippine passport renewal with last name change- at DFA Frankfurt

Philippine passport renewal with last name change- at DFA Frankfurt

If you’re married to your German spouse and haven’t changed your Philippines passport’s last name to his, chances are, you’re going to do so. I renewed my Philippines passport, at the same time, I had my last name changed as well on March 12, 2021, while I secured my appointment in October 2020. I made an appointment to change my last name from Mendoza to Kaiser, and although it took a while, the process was extremely smooth. I received the new passport on April 10, 2021. Here’s your guide to Philippine passport renewal with last name change after your marriage at DFA Frankfurt, Germany.

Updated 2023

Philippine passport renewal with last name change after marriage- a step by step

Here’s the step by step guide for your Philippines passport with last name change after your marrige at DFA Frankfurt.

  • The first step you must take is to go to DFA Frankfurt’s official website.
  • Click Consular services and choose appointments for other services.
  • You can see the different types of services on this page, including the Report of Marriage followed by passport renewal with the change of last name.

Please note that this step is for renewal of passport and last name changed at the same time. If you would like to renew only your passport without changing your last name, here is the link.

Step by step to change last name of Philippines passport2
Step by step on how to renew and change your last name of your Philippines passport

How to book an appointment for Philippines passport renewal and last name change at DFA Frankfurt

It’s quite straightforward to book an appointment for the passport renewal with last name changed.

  • At #6, click the link that directs you to make the appointment.
  • You will see the schedule depending on your availability.
  • Once you have secured an appointment, you will receive an email for confirmation.
  • By then, the email includes all the important information you need about what to bring for the last name change with renewal of your Philippines passport. 
Step by step to change last name of Philippines passport
Step 4, 5 & 6

Day of the appointment at DFA Frankfut

As stated in the email, anyone who has an appointment should arrive at least 30 minutes prior. Also, Filipinos should not litter around the embassy. Well, of course, that’s exactly what I did. It’s good to follow basic rules, right?

With my documents in hand, I arrived at the embassy given an exact amount of time. 

Due to the pandemic, only a few applicants could enter the embassy’s main office—only the ones with appointments strictly. Moreover, the staff measured my body temperature before entering. 

After all the protocols, I waited until they called my name and then handed all my documents for the renewal and last name change of my Philippines Passport. The woman staff carefully checked them.

Requirements for Philippine passport renewal with last name change after marriage

Below are the lists of of the requirements you need for your Philippines passport renewal and last name change after marriage.

  1. The Email confirmation. Please print it.
  2. Duly accomplished form. You can download or click the form here
  3. Marriage Certificate from PSA (if married abroad, Report of Marriage (ROM) from the Philippines Consulate of your wedding location)
  4. Old Passport
  5. Valid ID, such as a residence permit 
  6. €54 cash
  7. White long envelope with €4.05 post stamp

How much is passport renewal fee with last name change at DFA Frankfurt

It costs €54 cash.

When she was done, she transferred it to the next office with another woman staff, scrutinized it, and then she asked me to have another look at my documents. This was to correct any unforeseen mistakes in spelling, address, etc. 

Furthermore, I wrote my name and address on the white long envelope with the stamp.

I had my fingerprints, took a new photo for the Philippines passport renewal and changed my last name changed, and voila. I was done in an instant!

How long for passport renewal fee with last name change to arrive?

It arrived four weeks after I applied.

What else to know about the surname change of my Philippines passport after marriage?

  • Philippines Passport renewal and last name change are by personal appearance in DFA Frankfurt.
  • Preparing the proper documents for your last name to be changed in your Philippines passport is best. Photocopy them. At least have one, as DFA Frankfurt will not keep the original. But you will submit the copies. ( Passport data page, residence permit as your valid ID, Report of Marriage) .
  • Only one copy per document. No more, no less.
  • Black and white or coloured photocopies, it doesn’t really matter.
  • Also, while there’s a photocopies shop nearby, there’s nothing available inside the embassy.
  • Prepare the cash. As mentioned above, € 54. There are no ATMs, and the embassy doesn’t accept cards. 
  • Don’t forget the (any) envelope with the €4.05 post stamp on it alongside your written contact details as long as the two passports can fit in. 
  • No escorts are allowed unless senior citizens, pregnant, minors or handicapped. 
  • Lastly, arrive on time. Leave Filipino time behind. It’s advisable to be German. Do the German way. Never late for an appointment.

*Note: If, for instance, you won’t be able to make it on your appointment day or want to change the date or time, you can always try to email the consulate and let them know your concern. Here’s the email to forward any of your queries –

Philippine passport renewal with last name change at DFA Frankfurt final thoughts

The best thing about the renewal and last name change of the Philippines passport in DFA Frankfurt is that they made consecutive follow-ups and reminders about the appointment. They sent emails and called on the phone, which was a nice way not to overlook things to do and bring. ( like a passport, for example)

And to be honest, my recent experience with the DFA Frankfurt was absolutely hassled-free. Also, I believe that that was the most efficient transaction with a government agency in my entire life. While it’s best advisable to prepare your own and do your part, I couldn’t praise the Philippines’s embassy staff enough for doing a great job. They have accommodated the Filipinos who needs to change their last name and renew their Philippines passport who are residing in Germany.

So, Kudos!


Frequently asked questions about Philippines passport last name change with renewal (faqs)

How many copies of the documents do I need to present?

* As mentioned above, one photocopy each document, and bring the original one as they need to see it. The embassy won’t keep the original, so prepare photocopies.

Do you mean that the last name is a surname? Change my last name to my husband’s last name? 

* YES. When you’re married to your German spouse and would like to change your prior last name to his. 

For example, my original last name was Mendoza, and I’ve changed it to Kaiser ( my husband’s last name) 

How long is the validity of the new passport?

10 years

Do I need a negative test upon attending my appointment? 

* as of this writing, DFA Frankfurt didn’t require me to present a corona’s negative test result. However, you may need to bring your vaccination certificate- in case they look for it.

My passport will expire in a few years later. Do I need to change it already to my husband’s surname?

* That is all up to you. If you believe that you need to and/or your husband doesn’t ask you to change it, and/or you don’t feel like changing it yet, then don’t. In my personal opinion, I’ve changed mine because I wanted to have the official last name of my husband; therefore, I did. But again, the decision is all up to you. It’s not a requirement, anyway.

Where is DFA Frankfurt located

DFA Frankfurt is located at Westendcarree, Grueneburgweg 16-18, 60322 Frankfurt am Main. You can simply type it on google maps.

Where to stay in Frankfurt city

There are many available hotels to stay at in Frankfurt city. We stayed at Melia Frankfurt Hotel which is only a 23minutes on foot and 7 min by car to DFA Frankfurt. However, there are also other hotels to check out on

Melia Frankfurt city

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