Sponsored Visit Visa to Germany – things you want to know as a Filipino

In this post, I’ll be talking about the Sponsored visit visa to Germany. I’ve gone through the specific process and application back in 2019. Therefore, I’ll also be telling you everything that I know and experienced. Also, you’ll find all the requirements, updated guidelines upon application, among many others.

Please note that this post is for you if;

  • you’re a Filipino
  • You have a boyfriend/girlfriend/friends/relatives who lives in Germany you want to visit
  • And applying for a visit visa but sponsored by them ( boyfriend/girlfriend/friends/relatives)
  • Have applied a sponsored visit once and got rejected

I hope this article will help you in many ways. I have spent time reading, researching, and editing my previous article about Schengen visit visas to Germany (2017). On top of that, I have updated this in January 2022. You’re welcome.

Without further ado, let’s get the ball rolling. Shall we?

At a glance- Sponsored Tourist Visa to Germany and other types of Schengen Short stay visa

  • Business
  • Visit Family / Friends
  • Tourist
  • Visitors or exhibitors of fairs
  • Seafarers

It’s important to know the difference between these Schengen visas. As I’ve mentioned above, I’ll be writing specifically and in detail about the sponsored visit visa.

It is called sponsored because the host will be the one providing the majority of the documents to submit at the German embassy.

Ultimately, I will not tackle any types of visas besides sponsored tourist visas to avoid confusion.


If you’re fond of cold, or snow, winter, in other words, November to March are the best seasons. The temperature can drop down below -10. You need extreme quality layers to keep you off freezing. Like I had experienced in my first few months living in Germany.


In 2017 while I was helping a friend manage the Siam Journey Guesthouse in Bangkok, my then-boyfriend Chris (now husband) and I decided that I apply for a visit visa to visit his home country, Germany.

As a result, flew back to the Philippines. I gathered all the documents. Every single item was on the website. Without missing a thing. When I collected and was ready, we set up the appointment.

I sounded easy than done. But the truth is when we started gathering all the documents, mostly coming from me, at least, there was so endless paperwork.


This one is from you – the visitor

  • Online Visa Application Form (signed and printed out)
  • Health Insurance ( there’s a list of the accredited travel insurances. But you can also get one from those that are EU accredited)
  • Your original passport (must be valid for at least another 3 months upon the travel expiration. And must contain two empty pages).
  • Your old passport ( if there’s any) Also photocopy.
  • Two current passport/visa photo
  • Proof of relationship with the sponsor (e.g., birth certificate, marriage certificate that can substantiate the kinship, association, or friendship). Written correspondence between you and your sponsor, proof of telephone connections. Moreover, other evidence of the relationship between you and your sponsor. 
  • Download this relationship declaration – you need this as part of your sponsored visa application
  • 4,670 Peso in cash
  • Most recent ITR ( Income Tax Return).
  • COE -Certificate of employment (including your employer’s full name, complete address, and telephone number with area code details regarding your position or professional designation)
  • Certificate of work with income, date of start stated.
  • Letter of approved leave of absence signed by your employer.
  • Travel Itinerary. ( Complete sample of your Itinerary during the entire trip)
  • Sample or print out of your target date of a flight ( see the example below)

Documents from your host from Germany

  • Formal Obligation (original and a Xerox copy) according to §§ 66-68 of the German Residence Law. Your host will give this to you. He can get this at the Aliens authority “Ausländerbehörde in Germany that is responsible for his/her area of residence.
  • § 54 AufenthaltsG

You can download this checklist for your guidance. You also need to submit this with a check to know what you have submitted. Print name and sign it.

*Tips and things to know

Your spouse or your sponsor will and should the original copies to you. You should photocopy them and submit them to the embassy alongside other documents.

Setting up an appointment

November 11, 2017. I set my appointment for this day. After making sure I had all the documents I needed for my sponsored visit visa application to Germany. Besides submitting the requirements, they also took my photo and my fingerprints; then I proceeded with the interview.  

But upon the time of this writing, except for the Spouse visa, all the types of visa applications must go through the VFS. VFS is the official partner of the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in the Philippines.

You can make your appointment here if you think you are ready. You will need to log in or create an account. It’s better to do the latter to give you access to your application later.

Once you’ve already had your appointment, it will also direct you to the payment. Yes. You need to pay right there and then. The processing fee by VFS costs 1,1150php. On the other hand, while waiting for the day of your appointment, It will give you some time to prepare things you need for your sponsored visit visa application.

Appointment day

Just like before, they will take your fingerprints and biometric photo at the VFS. These are part of the process. But also, as it’s pandemic times, things have changed. Unlike my application in 2017, They will call and interview you via phone.

This means to say that, once you’ve submitted your documents at VFS Center, there will be no face-to-face interview. They will only check your documents if you’re missing something, or everything is complete.

To give you a background about the interview questions they might be throwing at you. He asked me the following questions.


Sponsored Visit Visa to Germany - things you want to know as a Filipino

Interview questions

  • How did you guys meet?
  • Where did you travel together? 
  • What does he do?
  • What’shis job?
  • How long have you been together?
  • Where did you travel together before?
  • Why do you want to visit him?
  • How long do you plan to stay in Germany?
  • Have you been to Germany before?
  • Have you been married before, divorced, single parent, etc.?
  • What’s your job?
  • Do you have children?
  • Where do you live?

*Tips and things to know:

These questions should not in any way surprise you. There will be more of the same kind. And expectedly, they will ask you. The most important thing to remember is, to be honest, be confident but not too boastful. Furthermore, answer only what is asked. No need to elaborate if not required to.

Getting my visit visa for an unmarried couple – to Germany

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Waiting for the result of the sponsored visit visa application

On November 17, 2017, while I was in the city, I received a call from a courier. He asked if I was at home. The guy said he had my passport. He was wondering if he could hand it to me personally or leave it to someone trustworthy.

As I couldn’t come home immediately, my mother received it on my behalf.

I ran into my bedroom and opened the package. I slowly flipped the pages of my passport.

There was no visa attachment. I had a sinking feeling in my stomach upon realizing that it has been DENIED.

I spent the whole night crying. And I tried to understand why and why my sponsored visit visa to Germany was not granted.

Then I came to ask myself, what really went wrong here. I have provided all the necessary documents, so did my husband. My husband has a stable job; he is more than capable of supporting me on this trip financially.

If God forbids something that happens to me, he’ll be the one to be in charge of mostly everything. This is a sponsored visa, but we have proven that financially, there are no issues whatsoever. Chris and I racked our brains, wondering what we could have missed if there was any. 

For this reason, the German embassy had attached the following statement why my sponsored visit visa to Germany was denied.

The reason for rejection

Your Intention to leave the terrier of the Member of the States before the expiry of the visa could not be ascertained.”

Below is the specific reason in conjunction with this refusal: 

  • My Personal interview and documents submitted didn’t prove enough that I am returning to the country, the Philippines

What does this mean, exactly?

It only means to say that I am single, a freelancer ( I was an online English teacher and had my flexible schedule.) Moreover, I have no solemn obligation to my family, country, or whoever. As a Filipino trying to acquire a visitor visa to a first-world country like Germany and mainly sponsored, well, forget about it. It seems that there’s a high possibility that I may not return to the country. (so as they believe, not me)

The Embassy also implied that given the period of stay, it could result that I am staying illegally.

Other grounds for the visa refusal

In addition, they mentioned that I cannot prove my willingness to return to the country in the following areas. 

  1. Family ties to the Philippines
  2. Economic bonds of the visa applicant
  3. The visa applicants proper use of Schengen visa in the past 
  4. Changes in the visa applications personal situation 

As far as I know, these four (4) aforementioned reasons were general. But given my case, one of them such as the family ties to the Philippines could be a strong ground for me not flying back home.

But this was my situation. I protested.

Yours could be different. Obviously.

Inevitably, you can do nothing while waiting for the result of your sponsored visa to Germany application.

My advice?

All you have to do is wait for their call or email. In other words, be patient. And most importantly, make sure you have your number correct and phone available as they will call you anytime.

Solving the refusal of the visa

With heartaches, devastation, and utter disappointment, Chris and I decided to ask for REMONSTRATION via email

Why and how so?

According to the German embassy’s website Manila, if you believe the refusal of your visa application was not something you don’t agree with, you can remonstrate via a letter.

What did we include in the remonstration letter?

Simple facts and explanations that refute the claims in the sponsored visit visa to Germany rejection. We have provided this letter in both English and German. The remonstration letter must have the following;

  • Your name, first name, date of birth, place of birth, and the number of your passport
  • The date your application was rejected
  • The remonstration must be signed by your own hand. (a remonstration by a third party e.g. your sponsor,can only be accepted and processed if you have given your sponsor a power of attorney, which is submitted with the remonstration).
  • A serviceable address that contains the street name, house- or apartment number, City/ Town/ Village,postal code, if applicable: please state your e-mail address

My advice?

You must explain briefly why the decision is unfair, (or so you think), and include everything according to this pattern.

Sample of remonstration letter

Cellphone #:
Email address:

Deutsche Botschaft Manila
25/F Tower 2, RCBC Plaza
6819 Ayala Ave (cor. Sen. Gil Puyat Ave)
Makati City, Metro Manila


To whom it may concern,

I am writing this remonstration letter against my Schengen visa application’s refusal—the rejection letter dated ( date). I am (name) born on (birthdate) in ( address ) and a Philippine passport holder. (#)
You require a BC six-digit number to include; however, there was none written in the rejection letter. I am deeply saddened by the decision of my visa application due to “ Your Intention to leave the terrier of the Member States before the expiry of the visa could not be. ascertained,” as indicated on #9 in the letter that’s being rejected on (date).
You mentioned that my submitted documents and the personal interview didn’t prove that I am returning to my home country. In the rejection letter, you said that I could demonstrate my willingness to return to my home country through the following areas. (state your explanation precisely, e.g., Family ties to the Philippines)


( name)

Notes and the result of the remonstration letter

You can add further details. You don’t need to follow everything. I have written here. I drafted this remonstration only as a sample. The exact information must be coming from you, but you can use this as your guide, of course. Depending upon the grounds of the refusal of your sponsored visit visa to Germany. You can explain thoroughly and decently. But don’t over-explain. If you know what I mean. If you need a comprehensive detail, you can ask me in the comment below, and I will share it with you directly. I try to avoid all the important details in the article for privacy.

So, did I get lucky this time and have my sponsored visit visa to Germany application granted?

Well, unfortunately, NO.

After writing the remonstration letter to the German embassy, still denied.

What did we do next?

We asked a lawyer who is based in Germany. And this is what he said. The refusal of a visa only means that the decision has been firmly made and cannot be changed.

But there is true, another way if you’re still not accepting the decision.

Well, there’s a third step and that’s putting it forward to the Court in Berlin, Germany. Sounds incredibly hassle and lots of hard work, right? We didn’t pursue this anymore and decided to just accept my visa rejection. 

If your sponsored visit visa to Germany was not approved

If, unfortunately, you ever got into a similar situation, try your best again. Write that remonstration letter even if it takes time. You never know when the next time is already a YES.

Understandably, that was my situation nearly five (5) years ago. That said, you’ll be writing of remonstration letter only if your sponsored visit to Germany had been rejected or refused. Otherwise, you can carry on with your planned trip to Germany. Sounds good?

Your Guide to Germany- for Filipinos

Helpful read: Traveling to Germany during this pandemic- things not to overlook

Friendly tips

  • DON’T MAX YOUR VISA USE – According to my friends who have acquired a Schengen/Short stay visa to Germany and other Schengen countries like France, when applying, it’s best to state that you will only be staying for at least 2 weeks or 1 month for leisure or vacation. If your Schengen visa has been granted say ninety (90) days, using your given amount of days full may pose a red flag to your next application.
  • You can also check my friend Mara on her personal experience on her Schengen visa application to France.
  • DON’T MIX AND MATCH – the documents you’ve submitted during the application, and answer to your interview shall match. The Embassy is very strict and can recognize if you’re making things up or not telling the truth. Remember that they have your legal documents. Be honest!
  • COMPLETE ALL YOUR DOCUMENTS -Complete all your documents before shooting in. As much as possible, check several times. Take down notes. You must know that incomplete documents may result in your disapproval, or worse, you might be turned away.
  • BE PREPARED BUT DON’T OVER PREPARED – Send and give what is only necessary and required. Unless otherwise stated.
  • EVERY SITUATION/CASE IS DIFFERENT – Finally, just because your acquaintance, or your friend, or the friend of your friend, or or I got denied of the sponsored visitor visa to Germany application doesn’t mean you suffer the same fate. Sometimes, you get luckier than others. Don’t let others scenario let you down.

Faqs about sponsored visit visa to Germany

In this section, I will try to answer all the questions I’ve had during my application, and some queries I’ve received from readers. Please know that I am answering this based on experience, thorough research, and responses I’ve got from fellow Filipinos who have had applied for the same Schengen visa.


  • During the time I was applying for the visa in 2017, I was also a freelancer; ( I already mentioned this) however, I was under a company. Therefore, I got mine from the company. If, for example, you are also employed a certain company, you can also request the ITR. Otherwise, you may go to your BIR branch for a copy.


  • Well, yes. It’s not really illegal not to provide your ITR, as it’s sponsored. The purpose of the ITR is a supporting document. That means it will prove that you are also financially capable for this trip.


  • Well, submitting your latest income or bank statement might increase your chance of getting your visit visa approved. Although, there’s already the FO or the Formal obligation presented already.
Health insurance and other concerns


  • The sharp truth is YES. Without knowing your sponsored visit visa to Germany will be approved or not, you need to buy it already. Also, as you’ve already read and seen from the list of requirements, travel health insurance is one of them. I got mine at Hanse Merkur company for €56. It’s one of the accredited travel insurances and acknowledges by the German Embassy. Although you may opt to buy the local ones lsited on the website.


  • Generally, you need a visa when visiitng them. And yes,of course! If they’re going to sponsor you. Otherwise, you can apply for a tourist visa, which means you will be the one to provide every single document for your travel to Germany.

  • Based on stories I heard from most Filipinos living in Germany, married a German national, YES. The German spouse can sponsor the visa. Provided that he can send all the documents.
Chances of getting the visit visa approved


  • I really don’t know the right answer for this. If you’ve read all the words I said here, I honestly didn’t expect that my sponsored visit to Germany application would be denied. Despite that I submitted all my documents ultimately. Regardless, if you have all your proper documents, and at least have a strong tie to your family in the Philippines. The strong family ties in the Philippines I think is a significant chance of success. These are having a child or own property under your name.


  • Well, based on most stories I heard from people and as part of the procedure of the Embassy, you should have already met at least once. Abroad of in the Philippines. Thus, proves that you really know him/her!


  • Well, properties such as a real state, or a land. I’m afraid to say that a sari sari store may not be counted. Moreover, the Embassy would look for your proper document stating that the property echnically it belongs to you; however, if you cannot provide one, you may write an explanation letter why.

Sample travel itinerary & sample flight ticket

Here is a sample of a travel itinerary. Note that I drafted this travel itinerary for the purpose of a visit visa. You can edit this, of course. It’s entirely up to you. The details regarding your trip are upon your preference. I only wrote this down to guide you in making your own travel itinerary. Download here.

My advice?

Be specific as possible.

For example, if you say you’re visiting for two (2) weeks, make the travel itinerary to Germany as it is. In addition to that, you can also add a brief description of the day. Something like this;

Day 1

Visit BMW World and Museum. I know a friend who works here. It’s a chance for me to visit her workplace. And discover the fascinating history of one of the world’s best car makers.

The rest, as I said, it’s in your hands.

On the other hand,

The embassy doesn’t require you to book your flight, just not yet. They just want to see a dummy of your flight. What I did before was a screenshot and printed out my desired date.

Here’s the sample

Sample flight ticket to Germany for sponsored visit visa
Manila to Munich | Munich to Manila via Singapore Airlines Sample flight ticket

Getting your sponsored visit visa in a nutshell

To top it all off, getting your sponsored visit visa to Germany is not a walk in the park. Nevertheless, follow the steps carefully and thoroughly, and pray for the result. And don’t forget these important steps.

  • Gather all the necessary requirements
  • Make an appointment at the VFS Makati or Cebu
  • Attend your appointment day
  • Answer the interview on the phone briefly and honestly
  • Wait for the result of your visa application
  • Enjoy the trip, or write a remonstration letter. Either way, good luck, friend! You got this!

On a personal note

Looking back, after moving to Germany with my spouse visa, I don’t wonder anymore why my sponsored visit visa to Germany was not granted before. For reasons I believe like putting thirty -two (32) days for the trip. Moreover, my boyfriend then solely sponsored my trip, which was seen and considered a red flag.

But of course, I have already moved on from that series of my life. I am happily settled with my husband in Germany.

I wish you good luck with your application.


Sponsored Visit Visa to Germany - things you want to know as a Filipino3

Latest update on applying for a visit visa to Germany as a Filipino

As of this writing, Visas for tourism are currently not accepted and issued due to the EU entry restrictions. In addition to that, only fully vaccinated people are allowed to enter Germany. And only these certain vaccines are accredited.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact your nearest German embassy.

RCBC PLAZA BRANCH & ATMAddress:  6819 Ayala Ave, Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines


Note that the German embassy only accepts specific services like a Spouse visa.

Thanks for reading. I hope you got the answers you were looking for. I’d appreciate it if you’d share it with anyone who you think needs it. Lastly, please don’t send me a message to any of my social media accounts. I’m not always hanging out there. Please leave a comment below, I am glad to reply as soon as I can!

– Catherine

Born, raised, and forever loyal to the Philippines. Catherine is a teacher and a BA in Mass Communication graduate who loves anything child-friendly. She loves writing in her diary every day and is in love with beaches, books, Safari, and Tokyo. Her ultimate dream destinations are Madagascar, Mongolia, and Hawaii. Check out her van camping adventures in Europe at


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    hi can I ask about relationship declaration is it manadatory to have it and include in the documents? and also its a german language will I filled it out or my german bf will do since its sponsored by my german bf for visit visa….

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    As for relationship declaration, you can provide some photos, travels, or conversations together. And what do you mean by the German language? Do you mean your A1 certificate or just the documents you are providing? Usually, if sa German embassy is in Manila, they should be written in English; you can also provide it in German; both are good.
    Good luck!

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